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Houston USA


This book is a fast read that flows easily across the page, set up for quick & easy insights.  It’s a fair statement to say that it completely changed my outlook on work.  
Since I was a boy, I attended parochial schools and as I entered high school and college, I enrolled in the required theology classes, but my success was measured by a academic grade rather than what it actually takes to be a Christian.  

As I continued my journey….career, financial goals, and personal possessions altered my focus.  My objectives where to impress peers and remind family members that my hard work and study had paid off.  What I found was worry, despair, anger, resentment and emptiness.  In fact, those of whom I wanted to make the most proud, seemed to view my path paved gold and theirs rocky and filled with struggle.  
Over the last 25 years, this struggle has been internal and most people wouldn’t even notice or take the time to care.  But in all this time, I knew I was not that close to God.  Only in small windows of time did I talk to Him or remind myself of His love.  I knew He was there, but the ignore button was easier.  As long as I was thankful, didn’t complain, and didn’t blame my problems on Him, I could call Him back when I had time.
This book brought me home.  It filled the emptiness and gave me purpose.  

I was afraid the only way to get close to God, was to turn my back on my career and get into the pulpit, start a soup kitchen, or go on mission to a faraway land.  Not that these are bad ideas, but this book made me realize God already has a plan for me, it just hasn’t been fully revealed yet.  I can honor Him through doing my best at work, giving Him the glory, not myself.  What an awesome realization!

I know this is the start, not the end.  I have much to learn, and this journey takes practice.   I don’t want to ignore Him again.  Thank you for this book and I pray that He gives me the strength to continue on with my education


Troy Davis

Houston USA

The Netherlands


The books is interesting and worthwhile reading.

I must admit it struck me unexpectedly at some points.  I realize for instance being a Christian at work doesn't always necessary mean you must do things what other Christians expect from you. It takes courage to make difficult decisions.

We must keep in mind we're being  ambassadors of Christ in our workspaces. 

It's good to be reminded how important it is.


Elzbieta Kosmala -van Schaik

The Netherlands

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Toronto, Canada


The approach to the topic is on the whole admirable. The style is reminiscent of the best of the 60’s and 70’s self- help manuals and possesses a neutral yet compassionate voice which guides without being overly directive. The structure, namely overview, practical, and theological complement and completer each other. Thankfully, there are no silly exercises, just food for thought. I myself found the style engaging and engrossing and read the book in one sitting.

The book binds together Bible episodes and verses in a logical and progressive fashion. And yet there are no platitudes. The Christian has work to do. We cannot simply go to church, send others to church, and let God do the rest.

What gives the subject depth and novelty is chapter 7 and 9 which dealt with dissatisfaction with work and vocation.

There are a few deficiencies. The authors do not seem to feel the desperation that their readers may feel when they are faced with termination of employment or with the frustration of so many who do not know their vocation. The authors appear to live in a world of options and possibilities. The advice is Biblically accurate. However, the guidance would be made more vivid if it reflected specifically some of the demands and devils of today. In a work were many employees face a loss of employment, residence, and salary and are already bereft of family, the example of David seems …… distant.

Nevertheless, the sincerity of the authors clearly voice not only their own faith but call attention to the voice of the Master. Jesus is the Great Employer who always pays in spiritual coin and material sustenance. The authors are focused on long-term leadership of God and long-term fellowship with Him. If more employees and employers kept their eyes on these aims there would be no more public scandals, no more public humiliations, and no more public stripping of positions as we are now daily confronted with.

Anna Zachariah

Toronto Canada

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