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Program Offerings for Churches

At God & Work, we offer a range of workshops and materials to help churches educate, disciple and mentor the Christians in their church for an effective life of service - ministering to others and building God's Kingdom right where they work.

Our premier offering is an custom-tailored weekend of training, workshops & speaking including any or all of the following: 


Optionally, we can also include the "Am I in the right job?" weekend away program on the weekend preceding or following the above sessions.

All workshops and teachings are 100% Bible-based; the book "How to be a Christian at Work" is used as our secondary textbook (after the Bible, of course).

Our offerings are a great way to engage working people at all levels in ministry at their workplace, but are especially suitable as a way to engage the senior business people in your church in a year-long structured program of Christian mentoring to more junior professionals in your church.   A proven community builder!

What is the cost?

God & Work is a non-profit missional effort and strives to keep costs as low as possible. 

What this means for you is that we offer our workshops on a cost-plus basis (where your budget allows) so that we can maximize the reach of our message to activate as many Christians at their workplace as possible - for the glory of His Kingdom.

Fill in the form below for further information on scheduling a workshop at your church.

Who leads these Workshops?

Paid workshops are always led by one or both of the developers of these programs and authors of our textbook - "How to be a Christian at Work" - Dr. Szaszi Bene or Roland Heersink.

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