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Workshop Reviews

reviews of how to be christian at work
Organizer Reviews

Portugal 2016


"I can teach a workshop about "God & Work" but nobody better to do that than Roland Heersink because he is a marketplace minister with vast experience in the business world.


I recommend this workshop to pastors who want to mobilize their members as effective missionaries to their peers in the workplace."

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Pastor Eddie Fernandes

Riverside International Church

Cascais, Portugal

Hamburg 2016


"Roland has done the Body of Christ a great service by developing the “God and Work” seminar.


I have never before seen a course that helps Christians deal specifically with the challenges they face in their work place.


“God and Work” is informative, practical, stimulating, and presented in a lively manner (no room for boredom).


I fully recommend this seminar."


Pastor Dan Aanderud

International Baptist Church Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Attendee Reviews

"Realistic, practical and to the point course to learn what & how to act as a Christian each day of the week where ever you are!"  

     - H.S., IT Consultant, Fall 2016

"Excellent seminar, very informative and well researched. It certainly made me think twice about how I view my job and whether all I do is glorifying to God! Thank you!"

     -A.R., Aerospace Engineer, Fall 2016

"Best seminar of any type that I have been to in over 10 years."  

     - P.S., Senior Oil Company Executive, Fall 2015

"Best church/religious workshop that I have ever attended."

     - E.B., Daycare Manager, Spring 2014

Pastors' Reviews & Insights 
(1-2 minutes each)

Dr David Packer

Stuttgart IBC, Germany - May 2019

Pastor Rob DenHoed

Harmony Baptist, Oshawa, Canada - Nov 2018

Pastor Dan Aanderud

Hamburg IBC, Germany - Nov 2016

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