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A Half-Day Workshop for Executives

how to be a christian executive

Can you relate??

  • I am responsible to lead 100+ people in my work• I

  • I am a key decision-maker at my work

  • I have invested heavily in my work so far

  • God has blessed me in so many ways in the past

  • I want to serve and honor God in my daily work

  • I value additional insight & clarity into God’s plan for my future

This workshop is open ONLY to senior managers, business owners and executives with responsibility for 100+ people – working directly for you, or via a matrix/contract arrangement.

Who is this for?

The workshop is based on the Bible so that we first and foremost see what it means to be a Christian business leader from God’s perspective.

What is it about?

Who leads this?

The workshop is led by a former global executive, midsize company President, and startup CEO who has transitioned from the full-time workforce to re-emerge as an entrepreneur, ocean sailor and God & Work spokesperson.

Looking to attend?    

Check the schedule    or   Request a Workshop

As a senior manager, you’ve already invested countless hours in your staff, your company and your own development too. God has clearly given you many talents, and a set of responsibilities to match!! Now, come join with other executive managers and business owners to learn about how faith and God are connected to your work and the vision for your future.

This ½ day workshop will help strengthen you for the road ahead – we will combine teachings and discussions in a workshop format to help you gain a Kingdom perspective as it relates to your job, your company, the staff you lead and most importantly, your vision and ambition for the future.

Disclaimer:  The God & Work workshops are NOT evangelism training but practical teaching sprinkled with real-life experiences (and plenty of career insights!) on how you can live out your faith and stand by your beliefs in the workplace.

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