Workshop Agenda - Christian Executives 

As a senior manager, you’ve already invested countless hours in your staff, your company and your own development too.  God has clearly given you many talents, and a set of responsibilities to match!!  

This ½ day workshop will help strengthen you for the road ahead – we will combine teachings and discussions in a workshop format to help you gain a Kingdom perspective as it relates to your job, your company, the staff you lead and most importantly, your vision and ambition for the future.

Agenda Details

In this half-day workshop we will cover all of the following in a combination of lectures, workshops and group work:

  • What makes a good executive?

  • What does God expect from me?

  • What is your calling?

  • What is your plan beyond your job?

  • When can you / should you start on that?

  • How do you know?

Is this Workshop for You?


This workshop is ONLY for senior managers, business owners and executives with responsibility for 100+ people – working directly for you, or via a matrix/contract arrangement.

You won't hear this preached on Sunday or discussed at your men's group - don't miss the chance to come explore what God has in store for you - especially as "retirement" from work appears ont he horizon.

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