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How to be a Christian at Work

Did you ever wonder why there is such a big gap between Sundays and Mondays even though the two days are next to each other?  


Sunday you hear that you are child of God, that you are called to follow after Jesus in discipleship and also build his Kingdom.  


Then Monday morning you are sitting in front of your computer working on emails, spreadsheets, presentations, quarterly reports and the Sunday sermon about God, faith, Kingdom and Jesus seems as distant memory.  

Even if the sermon is about on how to be a good Christian at work, it seems foreign because the pastor does not share in your work context.  You might have heard sermons of how to be a Christian in the workplace, but for sure it’s not a topic that you hear much about on a Sunday morning.  

But here you are, a Christian with a job in the secular workplace.

You want to have faith in God, you want to find meaning in what you do from Monday to Friday, you want to follow Jesus and be part of building the Kingdom.  You might be participating in different church activities just to ease the guilt of not doing enough Kingdom work.  Other activities and groups are there but they generally don’t give the guidance that you may be looking for on how to be a Christian at work.

This background forms the basis of all that we do at the God & Work initiative.   Books, workshops, seminars and more - everything is geared towards answering this question:

How to be a Christian at Work

And everything we do to answer this question is based on what God teaches in the Bible.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Have a look around the site and see if we can;t help you find out how to be a Christian at your work too.

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