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Job may be one of the more difficult (or comforting!) books of the Bible, depending on your situation.


The story of Job is a story of tremendous business success, punctuated by incredible loss. And, hidden in the middle of that story, Job reveals his secret for success – outlining the 14 key business & leadership principles that made him outrageously successful and praised by God Himself.

This little book opens the Bible to uncover the teachings of Job for your life, leadership and business success. Just as Job went from TOTAL LOSS to DOUBLE SUCCESS, you can too!!

This book can be read on your own but also doubles as a STUDY GUIDE based on the writings of Job.

So, whether you a business owner, executive, entrepreneur or other manager, this book will help you to live out your faith and achieve success like none other.


100% Bible-based with results that left God Himself praising the works of Job The same can be true for you also.

14 Principles Summary Sheet

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There are plenty of leadership books, and some of them based on the Bible too. But this is the ONLY BOOK that is based on the one chapter in the entire Bible that is loaded with advice for leadership and business like none other.

Job 31 has been overlooked for far too long - change that with the 14 leadership and business principles of Job.

Why this Book?

This book / study guide is intended for anyone in leadership or business management. We have dug out the 14 principles from Job 31 and compared them with other Bible truths to produce and astounding compendium of truth for your leadership and business life. Nothing else comes close!

Who is it for?

What is it about?

This book takes the arguments presented to God Himself on why his life was righteous and how he did not deserve to suffer loss. 

The book lays out each of the 14 principles, compares them to other Bible teachings and leaves behind a practical implementation for your leadership and business life. Enjoy!

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