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Writings by Roland Heersink

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Various reading plans & growing

5 books for the every Christian

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Life Bible

Life Bible Study Plans

Various study plans are available to help you understand what it means to be a Christian throughout your working life and into your retirement.

coming online in May 2024... click to view the plan

  • How to be a Christian at Work - Part 2 - BLESS others


​and coming later this year....


  • Retirement: insights from the Bible

  • 5 Steps to Know God's Will

  • Why Your Prayer is NOT Answered 

All plans are filled with PRACTICAL INSIGHTS from the Bible for living out your faith in today's world.


Much of what we uncover is not taught at church so be prepared for fresh insights and a new vigor to your Christian walk!


100% Bible-based!!


Books by Roland Heersink

God&Work has published a number of books to help you know God's Plan and His Will for your working life, your career or your business.

A Handbook for the Working Christian to help close the gap between Sunday and the rest of the working week.

       The 14 Principles of Job in the Bible 

Uncover the business & leadership principles of Job that honored God. See how God can bless you also!

Short devotional readings to expose the timeless wisdom from the Bible for application to your leadership as a modern-day entrepreneur. 

A study guide to uncover the secret to actually living out your faith at work

Amid all the noise, find out God’s will for us related to these issues, and what that means for the choices in our lives. 

Each book is filled with PRACTICAL INSIGHTS from the Bible for your working life.


Much of what is provided is not taught at church so be prepared for fresh insights to boost your work and company performance!


100% Bible-based!!

reheersink ebook.jpg
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