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About Us

The God & Work initiative was launched in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2014.  It is presently led by Roland Heersink as chairman with support from Dr Szaszi Bene Theology professor, Tyndale Theological Seminary in The Netherlands.

Additionally, we have engaged a number of senior executives to help give our workshops - a selection of our team is presented below. 


We also thank Michael Wright and Marco Sanders as part of our study guide and translation team.

The God & Work course is 100% Bible-based and intentionally non-denominational in appeal.

The workshops have been given in a range of church settings - from the traditional Baptist church in Houston Texas, evangelical churches in Europe and community church groups in Africa.

The material is fundamentally Biblical and not based on any teaching of mankind, although we do reference our personal experiences of God;s presence in our working lives!

About the Teachings

Roland Heersink, founder God & Work


Mr. Heersink is a former public company executive, company founder and engineer (among other things).  


Some years ago, Roland left full-time employment for the entrepreneurial life, with an ear to hear what God might have in store.


Mr. Heersink is in his early 60's, has been blessed with a marriage of 40+ years, has 4 children and 7 grandchildren together with his wife.


Roland's passion is to help fellow Christians see & understand what God's intentions might be for their life, especially in the workplace.

Meet Roland / read more on LinkedIn


Dr. Szaszi’s vision in life is to be a theologian for theologians, pastors and church leaders. In pursuit of this vision he likes to teach, preach and have good coffee with students.


His specialties include both systematic theology and biblical theology. His aim is to integrate theology into daily life.

Roland Heersink, founder God & Work

Dr. Szaszi sees his work as a missionary at Tyndale Theological Seminary as the calling of God on his life.


Within the God & Work initiative, Dr Szaszi's speaking abilities are put to good use, and he has deep knowledge of the subject matter from an academic/theological perspective (over and above his personal relationship), to add significant insights into our seminars and workshops.

A summary of Dr. Szaszi's educational background:

  • MDiv. Tyndale Theological Seminary (2003)

  • M.Th. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (2005)

  • Ph.D. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (2010)

Meet Dr Szaszi / read more on LinkedIn



John comes with many years of leadership experience, especially in the areas of training and coaching executive staff.  He was the co-founder and CEO of Door Training International until stepping out some years ago to have more focus on God's work in his life.



Bala comes with many years of experience in senior roles in international human resource management in Asia and Europe. In his corporate career he supported talent and career development of employees at various levels and functions.


Mr VanDenHeuvel is based in The Netherlands, where he is active in his church and various God & Work activities. He also remains professionally active in executive coaching and in support of a special Christ-centered after-school and daycare facility ("Bzzzonder") serving for children at over 20 locations across the Netherlands.

Meet John / read more on LinkedIn

Though he was born and raised in a Christian family, he truly came to faith during August 2007 when he trusted the scriptures and asked the Holy Spirit to come into his life. His prayers were answered in a dramatic way. That led to a deeper connection to God’s Word and His ministry. He became active in prayer ministry along with his wife Helen. He served as the church warden and church council member for many years. He is keenly interested in evangelism and apologetics.


During October 2017, when he was at career cross-roads, he attended God and Work workshop looking for clarity and direction. That was a turning point in his work-life. Soon after he took a step of faith and started his entrepreneurial journey. Now he is the founder and manging partner of FutureXeed B.V., a strategic human resource consulting company located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Bala is married to Helen and they have two children. They worship and fellowship at Trinity Church Eindhoven. He is originally from Tamil Nadu, India, currently living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from June 2006. Here is his LinkedIn profile.

We acknowledge and appreciate the support of the following businesses:

Alvin Health

HealthWorks of Alvin

HealthWorks Spine & Sport

MountainTop Experience

De Coxse Boerderij

We also support the following global initiatives

Christian Business Angels

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