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how to be a christian at my work

How to be a Christian at Work?

When we ask this question, here are the top answers we get:

#1.  I don’t know.
#2.  Invite my co-workers to church.
#3.  Do good work to earn my pay & support my church.


While these may sometimes be the right answer, we believe that God has a much bigger plan with so much more than these!


In this new book "How to be a Christian at Work", we combine multiple Bible teachings with a range of practical experiences to show what it means to live out your faith as a Christian at your work.


Our vision is that this book helps you become all that God has called you to be at your work - whatever that may be....



Here's a summary of what's in the book "by the numbers"...

2 Words to live by:

     Be NICER

     BLESS others

2 Pre-Requisites to Hearing from God

3 Examples of people Called by God

     The Coffee Guy

     The Salesperson

     The Executive

4 Letters of Prayer : ACTS

4 Reasons your prayer is NOT answered

5 Ways for you to Hear from God

6 Steps to take as you pray

6 Methods to Know if You are in the Right Job

10 Insights on Failure

Due to the lack of resources on "How to be a Christian at Work", the intention of this new book is to provide practical insights, ask the right questions and also give you guidance for your daily work as a Christian seeking to follow Jesus right there in the secular workplace where you find yourself today. 

Why this Book?

In this book, we have taken a fresh look at the Bible and found wisdom for YOU, whether you are a business leader, manager, specialized staff or junior assistant.  


This book draws on the many stories and characters of the Bible to inspire and teach you how to live out your faith at work.

Who is it for?

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What is it about?

This book is basically about what it means to be a Christian at work, and includes numerous real-life examples to encourage, strengthen and motivate you to also be able to combine your faith and work in a way that is both pleasing to God and your employer.

See the Table of Contents


See it "by the numbers"

and exclusively available in KENYA from

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Outside the USA?  Click below:

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