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A Half-Day Workshop for Managers

how to be a christian manager

Can you relate??

  • I am responsible to lead and/or manage people at my work

  • I am a position to make decisions that affect others

  • I work hard and want others to follow my lead

  • I want to serve and honor God in my daily work

  • I value additional insight & clarity into God’s plan for my future

  • As a Christian, how to I handle those difficult situations?

This workshop is designed for managers, supervisors and other leaders in business – or those who will be soon in such a position of leadership.

Who is this for?

The workshop is based on the Bible so that we first and foremost see what it means to be a Christian manager or leader from God’s perspective.

What is it about?

Who leads this?

The workshop is led by a former executive, manager & leader who has trusted God throughout his career and now leads others to do the same.

Looking to attend?    

Check the schedule    or   Request a Workshop

As a leader, you’ve already invested many hours in your team, the company you work at and also your own development.  God has clearly given you many talents, and the workplace responsibilities to match.

This ½ day workshop will help strengthen you for the road ahead – we will combine teachings and discussions in a workshop format to help you gain a Kingdom perspective as it relates to your role as a leader at the place where you work.

Disclaimer:  The God & Work workshops are NOT evangelism training but practical teaching sprinkled with real-life experiences (and plenty of career insights!) on how you can live out your faith and stand by your beliefs in the workplace.

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