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how to be a christian at my work

A Full-Day Workshop for Everyone

Can you relate??

  • My colleagues make it difficult

  • My boss doesn’t understand

  • My workplace is so secular

  • Is it even possible to live out my faith at work – if so, how??

  • What does God expect, anyway?

This workshop is open to all Christians, wherever they may work and whatever job they may find themselves in.

Who is this for?

The workshop is based on the Bible so that we first and foremost see what it means to be a Christian at your work - and especially in the secular workplace.

What is it about?

Who leads this?

The workshop is led by a Christian who has worked at all levels within secular companies, and recently gave it all up to follow God's calling in areas outside of regular employment.

Looking to attend?    

Check the schedule    or   Request a Workshop

If you can relate to the questions raised above and want to find God’s will for your work, then join the many people of all ages – students to retirees – who have been blessed by this workshop in recent years.

The workshop is a mix of teachings from the Bible, group discussions and individual reflection to help you understand God’s will for your job.

Disclaimer:  The God & Work workshops are NOT evangelism training but practical teaching sprinkled with real-life experiences (and plenty of career insights!) on how you can live out your faith and stand by your beliefs in the workplace.

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