Workshop Agenda - Every Christian at Work

Many of us spend most hours per day at work, yet we hardly ever talk about how faith and God are connected to work...


  • Does God have a purpose for us in our daily work?

  • What about ambition?

  • What does it mean to be a witness at work?

  • What about tough decisions?

  • How to deal with stress or failure at work?


If you have found yourself asking these or similar questions, then this workshop is for you!

Agenda Details

In this one-day course we will cover all of the following in a combination of lectures, workshops and group work:

  • God’s purpose in my work? Why work matters to God and what He expects of us at work.

  • Ambition and walking in faith. What drives us and how can we be guided by God in our work.

  • Tough Questions. How to make a difference for God in our workplace.

  • Lifestyle and balance. How to fit in all the priorities of our lives.

  • When the going gets tough. Dealing with failure and disappointments.

  • Pressing on to the finish. Being in the world but not of it.

Is this Workshop for You?


This workshop is for everyone who works - whether paid or unpaid and who seeks to be equipped more in being disciples of Jesus in the workplace.

You won't hear this preached on Sunday - don't miss the chance to hear God's Word presented in a way that is highly-relevant to your daily work!

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