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We have a library of videos available on both the YouTube and Patreon websites.


Our YouTube channel is loaded with videos, freely available online.  videos on our channel include:

  • 3-minute animations - 1 per chapter of our book "How to be a Christian at Work" - sample link

  • 15-minute author discussion on "Be NICER" - link

  • 15-minute author discussion on "BLESS others" - link


  • Pastors' testimonials on prior workshops - sample link


  • Various teaching videos from our Founder  - sample link

We encourage you to check out our YouTube Channel and become a subscriber.

3-minute Video Summary of Chapter 1
from our book "How to be a Christian at Work"


Our Patreon channel contains videos and study guide materials available exclusively to subscribers, including the following:

  • animation + author discussion + study guide for each chapter of our book "How to be a Christian at Work" (10 parts)

We encourage you to join us in support of the God & Work ministry - subscriptions are month-to-month and start at just $5 per month.

Click here to learn more.

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