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2 Words from God for YOU @ Work

On Sunday, you hear that you are a child of God called to follow after Jesus in discipleship and build God’s kingdom.


Then on Monday morning, you’re back at work with all its regular assignments, deadlines and obstacles, and the Sunday sermon about God, faith, His kingdom, and Jesus becomes a distant memory.


This book provides Bible-based practical insights to help you bridge the gap between Sunday and Monday, allowing you to live out your faith at work all week long – no matter what your job.


How we do this is captured in just one simple phrase with 2 key words:

 Be NICER and BLESS others

This book is designed as a STUDY GUIDE - based on Chapters 1 & 3 of the book "How to be a Christian at Work", this book will help you write out your observations and what you hear from God Himself.

Use it on your own, or together with others in a small group.  

Note that although the 2 words from God will help shape your character and ability to reach others - it is NOT an book on evangelism training (there are plenty of other good resources on that).

So, whether you a business leader, manager, specialized staff, or junior assistant, this book will help you to live out your faith at work in a way that both glorifies God and satisfies your boss.

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We see a real lack of resources to help Christians understand what it means to live their faith at work.  Even pastors don't really talk about it.  So we have taken 2 key words from our other book "How to be a Christian at Work", and expanded the content to form a guide for study, reflection and discussion.

Why this Book?

This book / study guide is intended for people from all walks of life - in all job positions - in all areas of the world.  We have taken universal truths from the Bible and presented them in a thought-provoking manner to encourage reflection and discussion in this book.

Who is it for?

What is it about?

This book is about the primary characteristics of a Christian in the workplace (be NICER) and also the ways in which your working life can be a blessing to others (BLESS others).

The book is loaded with Bible verses, some theology insights, practical insights and also plenty of questions to help you find how best to live your faith at your work.

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