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Workshop Agenda - Christian Managers at Work

As a manager or leader, you are responsible for your staff and the success of your department.  You spend most hours per day at work, yet we hardly ever hear about how faith and God are connected to our work...


  • What does God expect of a Christian manager?

  • How do I satisfy my staff, my boss and God?

  • How to I handle unreasonable requests from management?

  • Should my staff know that I am a Christian?

  • How do I combine my faith and my responsibilities?

  • Where & when do I draw the line?


If you have found yourself asking these or similar questions, then this workshop is for you!

training for christian managers

Agenda Details

In this half-day course we will cover all of the following in a combination of lectures, workshops and group work:

  • What makes a good manager?

  • What does God expect from managers & leaders?

  • Is motivation for promotion OK?

  • The right way for handling success... and failure

  • Case studies for tough situations including both employees & bosses

  • What does a “Christian” manager look like?

  • How to combine your faith and your work as a leader

  • Takeaway tools to hep you in the coming year

Is this Workshop for You?


This workshop is for those in management, supervisory and leadership roles at their workplace, and wishing to explore waht God has for them in that position and the road ahead.

You won't hear this preached on Sunday - don't miss the chance to hear God's Word presented in a way that is highly-relevant to your daily work!

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