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For Young Managers &

up-and-coming Leaders

Executive Mentor Program

executive mentors for christian managers

The Mentor Program pairs seasoned executives in sales, marketing, finance, technology & operations with younger Christians wishing to advance their career while demonstrating a strong Christian walk in the workplace.  See program description below...

The Mentor Program is for young Christians who are seeking to have input & guidance on their career from a seasoned Christian executive. 

Who is this for?

Experienced executives have been through most situations you will encounter - and can help you grow in your faith and your Christian walk in the secular workplace.

What is it about?

Who leads this?

The Mentor Program leaders are all senior executives with a solid Christian walk.  At this time, this program is based in Amsterdam, NL only.

Looking to sign up or start a Mentor Program?   

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Mentor Program Description


The God & Work initiative is launching a Mentor Program to hook up Senior  Executives and Business Owners (the Mentors) with Christian Managers / Leaders (the Mentees) in the Amsterdam area as follows:

  • 4x quarterly Mentor:Mentee sessions

    • private sessions customized to meet your needs

    • Q&A on all topics, personal coaching & prayer

    • 1-on-1 sessions up to 2 hours max / session

  • 4x gathering of all Mentors & Managers

    • Kickoff – 0900-1300 Saturday 06 October

    • Topical Meeting / Networking I - January 2019

    • Topical Meeting / Networking II - April 2019

    • Closeout/ Social Event -  June 201


The Topical / Networking events are exclusively for Mentor Program participants and will be hosted at a local executive's workplace. These events will include tour/insights of the host business plus a talk/workshop on leadership & career development from a Christian perspective.  


The Mentor Program is open to all Christians Managers/Leaders in the Amsterdam area, with priority given to God & Work attendees / Crossroads members / early signups. 


Mentor Program cost is €175,- per year and covers all costs.

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