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YouVersion Study Plan:

"Retirement: What the Bible Says

Thanks for reading our YouVersion Bible study plan to see what the Bible says about modern-day retirement.

Most people find that they have not had the right idea about their retirement and now want to line up their plans with what the Bible says - and that's great!!


On this page, we offer 3 ways to get started on the life that God has planned for you:

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Step 1. Talk to Someone

You've just finished a reading plan, hearing what the Bible has to say to you about retirement.


Now it's time to process those thoughts, check your ideas and develop your plans... and the best way to get started with that is to talk about it with a fellow Christian.

Start by exploring what God might be saying in discussions with your spouse, your friends, or maybe your small group.

Get started by having them watch the short video below or read the YouVersion plan to catch up on background and then organize a brainstorming session.

We Can Help!

Not sure who to talk to? Or, maybe you're just a little confused about where to even start?

Roland Heersink.png

Then let us help you with a 1-on-1 chat about it.  Spend 20-30 minutes with Roland Heersink, author of the reading plan to see what God might have for you.

If that sounds interesting, then start by filling out a short get-acquainted survey - email us to request your survey.

We are offer this as a service, but ask for a $50 donation so that we might pass forward the benefit of helping you to help others.

Step 2. Get Active

As you think through what God might have you do with your time, talent & treasure in your retirement, then remember that God almost always uses us to help build His Kingdom together with others.

So... once you've identified your interests, search for other people or organizations already active in your area of interest. Once you start looking, you'll be surprised at how many others are already active in your particular area of interest!

Then... once you find others in your area, reach out and contact them for a coffee, a zoom call, or whatever it takes. And, then when you meet, ask for their story - why are they doing what they do - and, if their story fits you too, then ask how can you help.

An Example?

Not sure about what kind of organization fits the kind of Kingdom building that God has for your retirement plans?

Logo CBA.gif

Then click the CBA link to see how a group of retired businessmen and women are putting their time into helping create new jobs for people in less privileged locations.

The CBA makes use of the time, talent & treasure of men & women from across the USA & Europe to help young entrepreneurs start new companies in Africa - with the aim of boosting local employment in a sustainable way. 


Like Jesus did, it's our way of taking care of the poor - and building His Kingdom! Click here to read more.

Not Ready?

Then read some more...

Maybe you're not ready yet to talk to anyone - even us - and so in this case, we can recommend a series of further readings to help you discover your retirement purpose.


We don't earn anything from these recommendations, they are just our best picks after reading everything we could find on the topic!


A Reading List...

Not sure who to talk to? Or, maybe you're just a little confused about where to even start?


As follow-up to our study plan, we recommend the following books as a great starting point for planning your retirement:


and this next book has a special motivation for entrepreneurial-minded readers in the last section:


Watch the Video!

A Sunday Message you're not likely to hear at your church!

This video captures the plan author - Roland Heersink - giving the Sunday message on retirement to the Beach Church in Georgetown Bahamas.

Now that's using your retirement travel for the Kingdom!

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