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How to be a Christian at Work

Step 1: "Be NICER

Thanks for reading our YouVersion Bible reading plan. We pray it is a blessing to you.

If you found the reading plan helpful, then you will especially enjoy our book "How to be a Christian at Work," from which the reading plan was abstracted.


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May we recommend that you get a copy of the book as a guide to help you live your faith in all aspects of your work?

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Book Outline

Unlike any other, this book explores almost 150 Bible passages with over 60 theological and practical insights as to what it really means to be a Christian at work.


In doing so, we uncover truths that you will likely never hear at church, including each of these and more:

  • Four Reasons Your Prayers Will Not Be Answered

  • Five Steps for You to Hear from God

  • Six Ways to Know if You Are in the Right Job

  • Ten Insights on How to Handle Failure in Your Job


This book is not a guide to evangelizing your coworkers (although that could happen), but is a practical guide regarding how to live out your faith in God and serve in His kingdom right where you are.


Whether you a business leader, manager, specialized staff, or junior assistant, you will find examples, encouragement and motivation on how to live out your faith at work in a way that glorifies God, satisfies your boss and boosts your career like never before.

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