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How can I be a Christian at Work?

The mission / calling of the God & Work initiative is to answer this question!


When we ask for an answer, here are the top 3 responses:

1) Ummm... I don't really know. I guess I'm not sure how to answer that. 2) Invite people at my work to church 3) Witness to others at my work to bring them to salvation.

Yikes! That seems like we as Christians might be missing some key information as to how to be a Christian at work.

So we do what all good people do who are looking for answers - we GOOGLE IT

Of course, we get lots of answers -- of which the top 20 or so answers come back as follows:

  • 5 links about work ethic / working hard / doing good work

  • 3 links about how to witness to your colleagues

  • 2 links about what God thinks about work

  • 10 links about a variety of topics related to the Christian life

Not quite what we had hoped for, is it?

So let's go deeper and search on Amazon to see if anyone has written any books on the topic. It's an important topic after all, isn't it?

UGH... only one book comes back and its a book about structuring Christian ministry work.

So lets try a slightly different search - for the phrase "How to be a Christian at work"

OK lots of links and one book even promises 27 ways for a Christian to get more successful at work. Otherwise, its books on stress, work-life balance, etc etc - still NOTHING of substance to answer the question:

How can I be a Christian at work?

At least we've got the God & Work seminars to give us insights as to what the BIBLE says, together with practical advice on how to implement that. Attend if you can... or else just keep reading along with us here.

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