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Let's talk about work and faith

I recently came across an article from the Stanford Graduate School of Business titled “The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares.”


It is an interview with J. Pfeffer, a professor of organisational behavior at Stanford, who has done research in the area of workplace health.


He says in his book "Dying for a Paycheck": 'I look out at the workplace and I see stress, layoffs, longer hours, work-family conflict, enormous amounts of economic insecurity. I see a workplace that has become shockingly inhumane.'


Pfeffer's realization has been that the reality of the workplace is much worse than he initially thought. So he calls companies to pay attention to the work 'environment' and make significant changes for a sustainable workforce.

It is a sobering analysis of what most professionals face on a daily basis. This made me think. One important source of strength and wellbeing for humans and especially for those who work is faith in God.

Being a Christian at work does not exempt you from the pressures of the workplace. You are most likely not immune to stress, layoffs, long hours, work-life-family balance, financial pressures. Even more so when you are in your dream job.

God&Work is a ministry initiative of regular working guys, who are believers, and who have a lot of experience in the area of faith at the workplace. We have found the Bible to be a rich well they can draw from for their everyday work and life.

Our book "How to be a Christian at Work" is a practical guide to help you deal with the challenges that come your way at the workplace. The book presents biblical and practical insights and takes you by the hand as you walk towards a meaningful spiritual life at your work.

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