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What is the meaning of work?

Check out how theologian Szaszi Bene finds meaning in his everyday work.


After I drop my kids off at school, I have a half hour drive to work.


Alone in my car, the quiet of Monday morning in my tiny tin world, I think about the meaning of work.


The first thing that comes to mind is that work keeps me busy, I earn money to support my family and that some work simply needs to be done.

But there is a second thought, a deeper, a more significant reason to work – one that gives context and meaning to it all.

A gift

Work is where we chase meaning and significance in life. It speaks to our place in this world - whether we made it or not. It is also deeply and significantly tied to who we are and how others see us. But just as health, life and good work is ultimately a gift from God.

Why we work

We all have been given life and talents. When we come to understand that life is a gift and that our talents are also a gift it makes all the difference in how and especially why we work.

So work only makes sense in relation to God. Because in relation to God our work becomes a calling in the ordinary, day-to-day, regular time of the day. Being called to work means we connect to that which is essential about us as human beings.

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