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Just be NICER!

Here is the first key idea that will help you remember what it means to be a Christian at your work.


Watch the attached video or read the text below for yourself:


That idea is simply this: Just be NICER.


Let’s take a closer look:


In the word, NICER, the letter “N” stands for “No compromise.” Just like Daniel in the Bible, didn’t’ compromise his beliefs on diet when he was part of the Babylonian management training program, neither should you compromise any of your beliefs for the sake of your employer. Check out Daniel chapter 1 in the Bible to see how he did this without jeopardizing his career.

The letter “I” stands for “Integrity.” Later in his career, other managers try to block Daniel’s promotion to second-in-command but his track record and personal integrity were impeccable. So much so that those jealous competitors worked behind Daniel’s back to undermine his reputation and his faith. How about you? How do others see your integrity at your work? Read Daniel chapter 6 to deepen your understanding of integrity.

C” stands for “Compassion,” and for this we turn to Jesus Christ himself. Jesus came to establish the

Kingdom of God. He lived a life of Compassion and never missed an opportunity to be compassionate. Jesus taught his followers to do the same. Even today, He calls to you be compassionate at your workplace. Matthew 9, 14, 15 and 20 all give examples of Jesus taking time out of his busy schedule to put compassion into action.

The letter “E” stands for “Excellence.” The Bible makes it very clear that God values excellence, and that no matter what your job – whether employee or employer –you should do your very best – as if working unto the Lord himself. The slogan “Do your best and let Jesus do the rest” exactly captures this idea found in Colossians 3 verse 23.

And, lastly, the letter “R” stands for being “Responsible to others.” Life is not only for your own pleasure. God wants to help others through you as a way to draw others closer to Him. The story of the Good Samaritan is a lesson in being responsible, especially for those you might otherwise avoid. Luke 10 verses 25-37 show how the Good Samaritan does this, even when it’s outside the scope of his work.

In summary, the phrase “Just be NICER” is a simple yet effective reminder of what it means to be a Christian at Work.

Five work days, five letters.

Can you Be NICER at your work?

This blog post is a short summary of Chapter 1 of our book "How to be a Christian at Work".

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