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Upcoming God & Work Tour

When I gave the message at church this past Sunday, I got the most serious head-nodding right at my introduction when I said that there is a gap between "church on Sunday" and "work on Monday".


I guess that’s no surprise - after all, most pastors have never worked in the "real world" and so maybe it's not fair to expect them to deliver a message on Sunday that's a 100% fit with the workplace on Monday.


This gap between Sunday and Monday is exactly why we started the God & Work ministry and wrote the book "How to be a Christian at Work" - - to teach people what it means to live out their faith -- all week long.

Think your church can benefit from our ministry? Then you’ll be glad to hear that God & Work is going “on tour” - partnering with churches worldwide train up the laity and close the gap between those excellent Sunday teachings and the challenges of living out one's faith in the day-to-day workplace.

Read more on our website by clicking here or forward this post to your local pastor. By the way, the picture below is from a ministry in the Netherlands called "Be a Christian at your Work", led by Maarten Pijnacker Hordijk. Excellent book & ministry, but only available in Dutch. :(

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