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When work is not (only) about the work

You are ready for the workday that lays ahead. Ready to answer the challenges that that work has to offer for the day. You are ready to close a deal, make a tough decision, and finally present the presentation that you have been working on for a long time.

Then life happens as you arrive at work. The unexpected meeting in the lobby. The unplanned conversation with a colleague and there goes your day. No matter how much you try to concentrate on your work, today its just other than you thought it would be.

Life news comes in many shapes and forms: an incurable disease, the breakdown of a marriage, the loss of a partner to illness, a child who struggles. The list of life news could endlessly go on.

These are the moments when your work is more than just work. It is in these moments that you that work is actually a calling.

Amidst of harsh life news, God might be calling you to live out the faith and hope you have been cultivating all along. These are the moments when a listening ear is a real commodity. A word of prayer and encouragement is as a golden apple on a silver plate (Proverbs 25:11).

Being a Christian at work means sometimes being there for those who are struggling with carrying the weight of life while they work.

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