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Should I stay ..or.. Should I go?

Remember the day you started your job? All that work - resumes, interviews, and then finally the call that they want you.


Remember the first day when everything smelled new and looked as you imagined it would. A great job, and lots of opportunities too.


But today that day seems distant and the initial excitement is gone. The honeymoon is over.


All that seems to be left is the routine of everyday work. The same office, the same people day after day. The work still matches your skills and there is still room for growth and upward mobility.

But yet there’s some discomfort, uneasiness, maybe even itchy feet. You have been asking yourself some hard questions about what else there might be, what might be next.

The question that keeps coming back is whether this is really the right job for you.

In our workshops, we see this all the time. In fact, our book has a whole chapter dedicated to this very question.

Should you change anything or should you stay in the job you have right now?

Before making changes, search out what God might have for you – in prayer, in the Bible, from talks with Christian friends and times of reflection. Be honest and then wait to hear from God on what’s best.

Want to learn more? Read chapter 9 of the book –

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