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Our very own THEOLOGIAN!

Great news!


The God & Work initiative has signed up its own RESIDENT THEOLOGIAN!


Although we think the Bible speaks clearly to everyone, the way of the world is that religious topics like “God & Work” need some sort of credentialing – like a seminary degree – to be taken seriously.

I’ve always thought that the Christian faith was centered around the PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with GOD, and the giftings that he gives even to those who haven’t been to seminary, but not everyone thinks that way....

Dr Szaszi Bene

In any case, we’re happy to announce that Dr Szaszi Bene of Tyndale Seminary in The Netherlands – and also of the Crossroads International Church (Amsterdam) teaching team – will be partnering with the God & Work initiative as Resident Theologian.

Since we aren’t actually hiring him as an employee, we didn’t write up an official job description, but here’s an idea of what to expect in the road ahead with Dr Szaszi on our team….

First of all, Dr Szaszi is going to actively engage in most – if not all – God & Work seminars and workshops. His speaking abilities are great and he has deep knowledge of the subject matter from an academic/theological perspective (over and above his personal relationship), so that he will be sure to add significant insights into our seminars and workshops.

Secondly, Dr Szaszi will be a regular – albeit occasional – blog post contributor to the God & Work blog, so watch for that.

Thirdly – and last of all for now – Dr Szaszi will be actively engaging with the development of God & Work print material for use as workbooks and reference texts by workshop attendees worldwide. Very exciting (even if you don’t think so)!

Dr Szaszi is particularly interested in developing his academic profile from a marketplace / workplace perspective, so that partnership with the God & Work initiative is a great two-way fit.

Welcome aboard Dr Szaszi and we look forward to what God has in store for us in the years ahead!

P.S. Dr Szaszi can be contacted at his new email: DrS “at” GodandWork dot org (sorry, have to write it that way to avoid spammer abuse)

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