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Your Purpose is so Obvious!

Just like the person waiting for God's rescue is missing the point, so it is with many of us as we look for "our purpose" in life and especially at work.


It's so obvious that we miss it completely, and here's why....


God put you in a specific family at a certain time and place. He then gave you the opportunity to learn what you need to qualify for your job, and then also gave you the talents to take the job you are now in.

Maybe you haven't thought of it like that before, but you are in the exact job where God wants you to be right now - for His purposes.

Check out Ephesians 2:10 from the Bible: "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

You see, God already has a purpose for you - right there where you are, and HERE IT IS... it is to do the "good works" of helping others, encouraging others, sharing the good news that God loves them through your practical actions - right there in the very job He has placed you. Today.

No need to think about looking for your "purpose" somewhere else - just ask God to show you what He has for you right there and right now.

After all, when the person in the office/cubicle/desk next to yours faces a major life challenge, nobody from your church is going to come and minister to them. There isn't a pastor on call that you can just bring in to your workplace to help out - rather, just as Jesus chose disciples from the everyday working men of the time, so He chooses YOU to be His hands and feet today.

Caring for, listening to and helping the person struggling at your workplace - it's now YOUR calling, YOUR action.

Your next action? Pray for and spot the opportunity. Then step out in faith and watch what God can do.

Even through you!

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