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How to be a Christian at Work? Just be NICER - Part 3

How to be a Christian at Work - check out Jesus' job description and his actions for insights...


OBJECTIVE: Launch a new culture, (product) not only to the region where you are working, but set it up for worldwide and lasting success.


SCHEDULE: 3 years.




STAFF: Find and educate them yourself. SUPPORT: Company facilities (synagogues) are available for use, but don’t expect much support from the existing staff (priests, Levites, etc.).

We don’t normally look at Jesus’s earthly assignment to do His Father’s business like that before. Quite a job, even for the Son of God!

On earth, Jesus was hard at work going from town to town to preach the good news and heal the sick—a 3-year business trip that never stops.

The Bible gives insight into what’s important to Jesus BESIDES corporate goals and objectives. Jesus has “compassion on” the crowds, since they were lost like “sheep without a shepherd.” (Matt 9:35-36)

Yes, Jesus may have had special insights, but we have the same opportunity to stop & listen for how people are feeling, and then to also act on it.

But we can’t do this if we're only focused on goals, objectives and our own performance, can we?

Exceprted from the book “How to be a Christian at Work"

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