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How to be a Christian at Work? Just be NICER - Part 5

The letter “R” for “Responsible to others” puts extra emphasis on our Christian walk at work.


It is not enough to keep our heads down, stick with our beliefs, and do the right thing well.


Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible?


Let’s re-cast it in today’s work context.


Imagine a senior manager at your company, also an elder at his local church (priest), turns away the request for help by an employee. The manager says he has no time to help because he’s got bigger and better things to do – maybe even for God.

The second person (Levite) is from Human Resources. She’s responsible for the wellness of people in the company, but helping this particular person is someone else’s job, so she goes on about her business.

Then there is the tech support person from another location (Samaritan). He spots the opportunity to help and stops right there in the middle of his business trip to do so. It’s not his job, but he does it anyway - because he is a Christian who wants to really live out what he believes.

To be clear: encountering a need and then being “too busy” to help is NOT doing the will of God.

What if God orchestrated it just so you would be there to help?


Excerpted from the book "How to be a Christian at Work" - click here to get your copy.

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