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How to be a Christian at Work? Just be NICER!

After years of study, reading and workshops, we've come up with ONE WORD to help Christians live out their faith at work.


>> Just be N-I-C-E-R.... starting with "N" for No Compromise.


For this we look at Daniel of Bible times, when he was a new recruit to the management program at his company. Obviously, there is pressure to conform and comply, especially since the downside of disobedience is not just losing his job but potentially something much worse.

Near the start of his program, Daniel is faced with the demand to change his dietary habits—to set aside his beliefs and conform to company policy. Not too different from a situation we may find ourselves in, is it?

Check how Daniel handles it. He doesn't argue with his boss or the training program management. Instead, he comes up with a clever suggestion. “Please test your servants for ten days,” he requests.

Under Daniel’s plan, nobody loses. He sticks to his beliefs, and his manager is protected. On top of that, Daniel exercises his faith in his new job, trusting God for success.

Daniel's example is very relevant to how we might also live out our faith at work. Check Daniel Chapter 1 in the Bible or pick up a copy "How to be a Christian at Work" for more insights - click here for details

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