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How to be a Christian at Work? Just be NICER - Part 2

ONE WORD to help Christians live out their faith at work...


>> Just be NICER


This time, let’s look at the “I” for Integrity.


Fast-forward a few years from my last post and Daniel has finished the leadership-program and is now 1 of 3 supervisors over all provincial governors. In today’s terms, he has become an executive vice-president in the Babylonian enterprise. And, he is about to be promoted to COO, in charge of all operational activities across the land.

Although Daniel’s mom might have been proud, others in the company—the Babylonian enterprise—were not happy with an outsider at the top of the company’s executive suite. Try as they may, Daniel’s opponents could find no wrongdoing, no dirt, no fake news to stop his promotion. Daniel was simply too good and too clean. His life of integrity has paid off.

We too should strive for a track record of behavior at work that nobody can fault. Doing the right thing, even if it requires extra effort, especially when no one is looking, will serve us well when others may decide to sabotage our work, projects, plans, or career advances.

Check Daniel 6 in the Bible or pick up a copy "How to be a Christian at Work" for more insights - click here for details.

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